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Terms of use

April 2020

Thank you for using our products, which we hope you’ll find useful and enjoyable. 

Our products include devices you can buy or otherwise acquire, services you can use (including services delivered to you through firmware, apps, websites and in other ways), and surveys, trials and other interactions with us that you elect to take part in. For the purposes of this agreement, the word “product” includes all these things.

We grant you the on-going right to use our products so that you can get the benefits they offer, but only in the manner of the terms laid out below. These terms govern our relationship with you, so we ask you to read them carefully because we’ll interpret your continued use of our products as your continued agreement with these terms.

About us

We are Pitpatpet Ltd (company number 09199537, also known as PitPat) – a UK company registered at 75 The Belvedere, Homerton Street, Cambridge, CB2 0NU. You can contact us with reference to these terms on

Acceptable use

You may use our products in the ways we intend them to be used, but only in those ways. For example, you may not tamper with, disassemble, reverse-engineer, or attempt to modify or use our products in unintended ways. Unless we agree with you otherwise, you may only access our products through the public mechanisms we provide. You may not use non-public product features or access mechanisms.   We require you to use our products only in ways that are honest, decent and legal. You may never use them in ways we or others would regard as undesirable, offensive to others or illegal, and neither may you attempt to damage, attack, restrict or deny others access to our products.   Our products are provided for your personal use only. We welcome the possibility that you may use our products in the course of your business, but you may not use them for commercial gain without our permission, which may require a separate agreement between you and us.


Your privacy is very important to us. Our privacy policy applies to information that we hold in relation to you. Your acceptance of these terms includes this policy.   We may need to communicate with you to provide you with a service you ask for. If so, you may not be able to opt out of this communication whilst still receiving the service.


If you create an account with us, or we provide you with one, you are responsible for all activity through your account. We are not responsible if other people access your account with or without your permission. We ask you to choose a strong and unique password, keep it secret, and not re-use it anywhere else.


We respect others’ rights, and ask you to do the same.   Nothing in the relationship between you and us – or your use of our products – transfers the ownership of any information or intellectual property (IP) between you and us. Our trademarks, software, knowledge and all other IP continues to belong to us; your information and IP continues to belong to you; and information and IP belonging to others continues to belong to them.   If you provide any data or other information to us or upload it via our products, you warrant that you have the right to do so, and that you can and do grant us the rights to use it in accordance with our privacy policy.

Our liability

We want you to trust and rely on our products. We make every reasonable and professional effort to ensure our products function as you would expect they should, that they are safe and accurate, and that they continue to work and be available to you whenever you require them.   However, our products are provided to you “as is”, and you are solely responsible for the use(s) you make of them and the outcome(s) that result. In particular, information provided by and through our products is for guidance only. We require you to use good judgement in using our products and in choosing whether or not to apply or follow any advice, guidelines, instructions or recommendations you may receive from or through them or us. You are responsible for the health of your dog.   We may modify, or temporarily or permanently withdraw our products at any time. There may also be bugs and unexpected outages. Whilst we will try to warn you about these things (including in advance if possible), we cannot promise to do so.   If we recommend, point you at or redirect you to a third-party product or source of information, we take no responsibility for your possible use of that product or information, and you should be aware that it may be governed by separate terms.   To the extent permitted by law, we make no formal promises about the fitness, performance, accuracy, safety, correctness or any other characteristic of our products or your use of them, nor about their continued availability. Our liability to you (including for any direct or indirect losses you may suffer) is limited to the price you paid for our products.


You may terminate this agreement at any time by closing your account or, if you do not have an account, by letting us know on and stopping your use of our products.   We may suspend your access to our products or terminate this agreement and withdraw our permission for you to use our products if we believe you haven’t complied with these terms.   If your access is suspended or this agreement is terminated by you or us, your personal data will continue to be governed by our privacy policy.   If you don’t comply with these terms, and we fail to take action, that doesn’t mean we’ve given up our rights. And if one of these terms isn’t enforceable, the others will still apply.


We may make changes to these terms in the future. If we do so, this page will be updated, and we may attempt (but don’t guarantee) to notify you by email or in some other way.  Please check back frequently to make sure you understand and agree with our latest terms.   These terms are governed where applicable by English law.